Jan Cooper - her own motel, a late night, shimmy shins, year supply of cosmetics, switchboard, clips, beauty parlor, Freddie, "I've got eyes for you"
Renay Boll - Irwin, Rag doll, Peter Rabbit, excess gas, b.a.m.s.h.a.g, trip to Penn., 4th of July, Dopey Parns, Bambi, the rot, interior decorator, lots of luck, Ralph, 3rd degree
Joni Grossman - a rabbi, B.A.M.S.H.A.G., lucky, trip to Penn., hitchin a ride, 4th of July, comic books, 3rd degree, midnight swim, meadow
Karen Preminger - donny letters, a mare of excellence, a dove, bulldog
Bonnie Simmons - Golde, hello gorgeous!, bunch of Rays, fascination, a hand in the darkness, Chicago
Sue Sussman - David, peace on you, Dr. Dentons, sick book, joy ride, needle point, Tom Seaver super ball, Gina, Morris, alarm clock
To the bunk - maid service, Wayne county Fair, pre-fabs, mass raids, Herman, food, Bob & Carol, Ted & Alice, Karen & Fred, Avenue Jay, night swims, friends always


Nancy Bassuk - a vocal chord tune-up, movable eyeballs
Susan Goldstein - a real diet, "find yourself a man," a midnight stenographer
Beth Gross - black is beautiful, an exercise machine to build up her left side
Jill Gordon - a voice, a speck of dust
Andrea Kessler - radar beams, a STERN lecture
Michelle Langberg - a steady boy, a 34B
Sheri Mait - three freckles, Els cowlick
Roberta Mathes - all that's left is a chain of gold, I left my heart in Sam's Francisco, Tour Jet
Saadia Pepelnick - a 15 year old English teacher, a nice flowing brook
Marion Presser - a successful raid
Bette Sussman - a starring role, a MARK in time
Shelly Yeletsky - an interior decorator, a TALANted boyfriend
Barbara DiCicco - a blooming john, her own bunk to sleep in

Wendy Rosen - new directional signals, a lizard
To the bunk - a full night's sleep


Nori Epstein - coffee cakes, oopsie, baby talk, a letter from Mom with swan Lake on it
Lisa Gurvitz - Lissel Worm-King of the burps, Ask Toddy if Lisa's the silkiest- Whoopie! Bib mama skinny legs
Robin Hochman - Lion she's turned out to be an instigator, with the help of her uncle- cottage cheese on her diet tomorrow
Terri Lederman - we represent the Lollipop guild; what would Terri be without her sneakers and Mickey Mouse P.J.'s together? - Romper Room teacher - can I have a tip of your Bababa? Terrance, Emma Power
Arlene Rosenberg - Munch- Funny Girl- O.J.B.H.- (every night)- Arlene's dreaming of Harold
Donna Weinstein - Casanova Kitchen- will her marks ever reach the tip of perfection- a friend from home- Ralph and Jonnie, M.L.
Nancy Weiss - Chief, -blue velvet, -I always knew you were a mama- Triple three and me- when donna's not around the water's where she's found- Brownies anyone! B.H.