Howie: Manny, we've got a swim in ten minutes.
Manny: CITs out of the water!
Howie: And take your suits with you.
Manny: Howie, how about a cup of tea?
Howie: OK.
Manny: Earl Grey.
Howie: Whatever you say.

Howie: Bloomer, let's go!
Manny: I'll be right there. I'm brushing my hair.
Howie: You know they actually believe your mother's a squaw?
Howie: Bloom, we've got five minutes!
Manny: Man! It's gonna rain.
Howie: Did you see my whistle?
Kim: Howieee, can I take out a sailfish?
Howie: Sit down!
Jane You promised us a surfboard
Howie: Let's go. sit down in the bleachers.
Harley & Sherri: Can we swamp a canoe?
Howie: Not during a general swim!
Jill: I need a new buddy tag.
Manny: I'll be at the boat house in a minute.
Eve: Manny, you see I've got this problem.
Manny: How;s J.L.D. going, Eve?
Eve: Well, it's not exactly that, you see...
Jill: We want a sailfish!