To Bunk 16 - a nice O.D., Aunt Ruth, Bunk 10

BUNK 17 - 18

Amy Calmenson - a couple of hormone shots to lower her voice from its high pitch, a free trip for Waaber to the animal hospital
Holly Cheser - one hearing aid to assist her mal-functioning ears and if that doesn't work, a swift kick in the pants
Marta Cwajg - a Bible, permanently opened to the phrase, "Vanity of vanities, all is Vanity" and a magic mirror that will answer her when she asks "Who's the fairest of them all?"
Daryn Feldman - a soundproof practice room
Jane Gottdiener - a quieter voice to be used on all occasions especially during raids, and a color war razz that no one will remember
Wendy Lederman - a bottle of sleeping pills to cure her nocturnal habits
Debbie Matzner - one free movie pass to be used at either "Mash" or "Woodstock" and a card stating her maturity level
Patti Marek - a dead turtle to be her twin sister, a cork to plug up her mouth
Pearla Masovicius - the tape recorded message "Are you mad at me?" to be available for use at any possible moment, a Tiny Tears doll to be her twin sister
Alice Shadrin - a Marathon medal for most hours spent on the tennis court, a life preserver since she never learned to swim, a more mature camp boyfriend
Bonnie Shadrin - another close friend, a pair of socks all her own, a radar signal so she can be found when cleanup comes around
Jamie Talan - a bar of soap for her mouth and mind, and a bit of sincerity to help others believe her
Nancy Tuchman - a new suede belt, a Spanish-English dictionary containing only "gutter" speech, a little

more friendliness towards the waterfront counselors
Robin Willner - a new body to replace the constantly injured and ill one she has, a crocodile hide to match her crocodile tears
To the bunk - a slap in the mouth, a kick in the pants, a sock in the stomach, a personalized copy of Phyllis' guitar book for each bunk member, a raid everyday and twice on Sunday, a year supply of pistachio nuts for each camper and a lifetime supply of pony tail holders, a modern bathroom and a book on "Do-It-Yourself" plumbing


Cathie Gross - her relatives, a race horse named Cee, Franny, Captain Cathie, GIBBERISH
Francine Shulman - normal toes, a machete to cut her bangs with, a job of matchmaker, GIBBERISH
Sue Shulman - a maid, pajamas- shoes- soap- brush- plungees (preferably in purple), "everybody's got-its", GIBBERISH
To the bunk - a sleeping bag for three, of a bunk of dance floor for rent, some bunkmates, community shower, ENGLISH