To Bunk 12 - a successful water fight, the sweet memory of a counselor who came and went, the Champion Jack-Player Award


Rachel Baratz - a gold plated tennis racket, a good guy award
Lisa Bernstein - a place reserved in the Baseball Hall of Fame, hair tape, the 7th bed on August 2nd
Nancy Dobrow - a "Band of Gold," her own clothes, a year supply of Curl Free, a baby blanket, a diet that works
Debbie Dukas - weener schnitzel, an Academy Award, her own pair of water skis
Sally Fram - her own personal letter writer, an alarm clock
Bonnie Klapper - the truth about the mysterious letters, a midriff, "Alissa," a kiss on the lips and not on the hand
Linda Sanker - a bed on level ground, added energy
Lisa Shuchman - a box of tissues, a smile, pistachio nuts, a letter every day from her parents
Lisa, sally, and Bonnie - The Instigator award
To the bunk - a fly swatter, a boyfriend for each, a successful water trap, a maid to clean up, a bouncing B award, a lot of affection


Susan Forte - a steady boyfriend for more than a week, a chance to go water skiing
Paula Macher - ukulele lessons, some speed-up, pop and go
Monica Pfeiffer - 21 turkey roll sandwiches, one for each meal of the week
Beth Randell - her own private riflery range, clothes that aren't junky and fit according to "her" standards
Jane Stoller - another care package, another hike to Kauneonga
Carol Torelli - chocolate pudding snacks at curfew, toilet paper letters that go through the mail

Linda Ullmann - a true confessions to write to her "Prissy"
To the bunk - All for one and one for all, Hope this summer you had a ball, I know you've made some brand new friends, In that way summer never ends. Waterfights at night, tetherball in the bunk, better culinary habits


Maxine Boll - a bed in Bunk 19A, another ranger Cup
Ellen Federer - her own personal mailman, the pitcher's mound
Susan Feldman - a Rich boyfriend, skim milk, a broom to clean the bunk
Jill Gutterson - "Puerto Rico my heart's devotion...", "Am I tan yet?"
Beth Klugman - "Do you have a shirt I could borrow?", straight hair, Metrecal
Maddy Kosson - Keds sneakers to last forever, a tetherball trophy
Debbie Phillips - a sleepy dangling conversation, a long sleeved jump suit to block out the sun
To the bunk - a bed for eight, constant Lazy Day, pizza, water balloon fights, General Swim


Shelley Cohen - her own infirmary, Maria with a hoarse voice
Lynette Feder - a permanent tennis partner, privilege to visit the Guest Dock
Roni Reit - supply of colored Magic Markers, her own rollers, "baby"
Sherri Falk - Cami's pants, a louder mouth
Meryl Newman - someone who will always show up, a pair of shoes just to wear to line-up
Lesley Resnick - a best friend, a quiet mouth
Cami Weiss - a tickling partner, a new "lower"