Carol Baratz - her own family doctor
Lisa Berkowitz - assorted pigtail ribbons
Caren Friedman - her own infirmary
Wendy Korman - shoes with unbreakable backs
Nancy Rosenberg - her own stage and audience
Jill Solomon - a private maid
Linda Windhein - 10 year supply of candy bars to increase her weight


Jill Clarvit - a handsome redhead
Mindy London - a dropless fork
Shari Rabinowitz - an academy Award
Susan Rosenthal - something to "kvetch" about
Janice Roven - a strong wind on a sunny day
To the bunk - a mouse, a bat, a "tarantula", and other assorted creatures


Hyla Bressman - her own set of maids and butlers and a cubby cleaning service
Randy Friedman - a silent meal, an uncluttered bed
Ellen Gutterson - an eye for an eye, a star's dressing room, a date for the prom
Lisa Klugman - a bottle of Sun-In, a baseball bat
Michelle Magesis - a new disease all her own, an alarm clock, a year supply of bubble gum
Marcie Ratner - Ellen Gutterson, a bed in the infirmary
Meryl Shipper - a book on "How to Become Beautiful in 5 Easy Steps" and her own tetherball court
To the bunk - a 10 in inspection, a lasting friendship, and all the happiness life has to offer



Judy Birnbaum - a neatly made, untouched bed that no one can sit on
Cindy Feinsilver - a secret passageway to Bunk 11
Kim Gordon - the Girl Scouts Tenth Law: A Girl Scout is clean in thought, word and deed
Linda Malin - her own personal maid to watch over the floor
Ellyn Stern - a constant partner to play Spit with
Stacey Stern - a portable bureau to accent her shelf and cubby space
Donna Windheim - a little helper when inspection rolls around
To the bunk - a 10 in inspection, sweetness, and friendship


Laurie Barashick - Paul Haskin
Rhonda Barkoff - a successful raid
Sharon Glickman - a cooperative spirit and whatever else she deserves
Harley Klein - a little consideration
Sherri Olan - Harley Klein
Eve Shaw - her own tetherball, a shower
Jill Simon - the best of everything and a warm spot in our hearts always


Steffi Adler - a private line to N. Dakota, night time head gear
Rena Druckman - a book of 100 hair styles
Jane Rosenberg - a "Gypsy", salmon and lemon
Pam Ross - her own private tennis court
Rita Schulman - white chocolate, a free squash court, the sailfish ride Danny Turner promised her
Laurie Sellinger - a starring role, a chair life to the top bunk bed, a "mini" care package
Robin Sperber - a personal clean-up squad, a contract to appear on television
Lisette Toppel - a stableful of horses, tea and milk