Waiters I

Moises Tuchman: a bear cub; a can of tab; 10,000 copies of a Santana album
Bruce Frank: a full day of sunshine; more girls to talk to; a glory gray star
Bob Glass: stock in acne medicines; "The beat comes and goes"
Charlie Hammer: the Dr.; the nurse; the thermometer, etc, etc; an act-knee
Roberto Tuchman: little girls, happy trip to Florida
Sam Goldstein: good rebound; Lt. Red
Mark Gutterson: license to grub; he came back to Funny Girl
Evan Tobin: a one way canoe trip; Weiss potato chips

Waiters II

Mitch Feldman: a basketball; Sandy; a delicatessen; Bunk 22
Mitch Medoff: a hairdryer; a complete set of Grand Funk albums
Fred Toffel: a Christmas card; a pack of cigarettes
Joe Lorintz: Russ; a comb and brush set; dirty bell bottoms and sneakers; 2 extra hours to set up; a toupee
Mike Markoff: a fishing rod; a shirt with a hole in it
Howie: a Hershey bar; zits cream
John: a muzzle; a log table; Simon and Garfunkle; the editorial page

Waiters III

Russ Shapiro: mindless cretzin; Joe; Donna; a trip to Viet-nam; A and F brand
Jeff Adler: "I feel very guilty"; a trap door; a super hero; clothes that fit; straight hair; membership in the elite
Danny Turner: a bunk to sleep in; an alarm clock; Pete; surfboard; the beach
Joel Buckberg: a female bear; odd mobs; Shell's answer man and Donna
Richie Saltz: Cheryl; Jumping Jack; Grey General; a late night; a mustache
Steve Brooks: Debbie; a great guy award; "always a waiter"
Harvey Cohen: someone who's heard of Baruch; 7 teem-tang; a "nice" girl; color war judge