Don Schwartz - Candy Land game and a hug from Elliot
Bruce Saltz - a bed in Puerto Rico and a place on the sand to count his Shell-y
Ed Herman - a girl friend for Larry and a "what's under the saw"
Roddy Weinstein - a pitch faster than a speeding bullet would you believe Bunk 20 L.G.?
Warren Nahan - A Willie Davis Golden Glove award and a convertible Sophia
Ken Korder - a nose job and a set of ear plugs for when on a date

Bunk 20

Steve Rosenthal - Risk champion of the world Sherlock Holmes set
Rich Buckberg - Stalag 20
Tim Fabian - a shower, soap, and a toothbrush "a girlfriend or a boyfriend" and unstretchable socks
Dave Drimmer - a Bailey Howell look alike, his own Intrepid and an autographed copy of Sam Wohlstadters book "How to run the waterfront"
Howie Weitzner - his own division a Barry Kaplan doll and an electrician license
Lewis Tepperman - Mr. a closet to carry around, a truce with P.R. chief of Camp Ranger fire dept.
Jeff Taucher - Mr. Instigator of Bunk 20 an award winning picture of C.R. and a camera sale for 2.99

Bunk 21

Jimmy (Cricket) Gelman - a girlfriend, six inches, a smaller brother, Lewis' hands, a smoke bomb, a body thats at least 6'
Ricky (Mosquito) Gelman - a loud mouth, girl company all around nothing Lewis' legs and exploding matches
Isaac (Iscle) Menda - ten years of hard labor and punishment, one way ticket to Siberia, one instance of non complaining, Lewis' stomach
Billy (Beatle) Rosenberg - chicken, swimmer, I don't remember a girl, cry baby cry, table manners, all around athlete and an American
Saul (Salamander) Tuchman - you can't judge a book by its cover, a cage a few relatives in camp, suede shoes, a girl to talk to, a good nights sleep on the ping pong tables, Lewis' brain wow
To Bunk 20 we leave Spanish H.C., great counselors, best of luck to Bill Perfect and we hope he feels better

Bunk 22

Barry (Blang) Lang - metal flake, mini-bike first place on the food line
Mitch (Peck) Benson - a boss job, subscription to Gay Guy Magazine
Robert (Mouse) Klein - speech lessons "Quincy"
Joe Turner - a straw and ice cubes, garbage dump and a place on the teen scene
Doug "Dugan" Caron - night alone with B.S. pair of white shoes to bop around in
Mitch "Dil" Talen - cartoon of cigarettes, tongue roll, land in Central Park
Mike "Pole" Sarran -spending money and the other side of an argument
Elliot "Elz" Kalick - deed to Bayside, '56 Chevy and a spot on the corner at the Bay Terrace Bowling Alley
Jack "Golden Boy" Schnitt - thanks from 22 for letting them spend the summer with him, 13 year old chic, new suitcase broken go kart
Ronny Rosenblum - a loo-loo blow up of Sam, book card for comics
Steve Boogy Sentnor - baseball bat to go to bed with, strong lock for his window and four aces in every hand he plays
Richie "Air Rockets" Marks - fly swatter, arsenal, a clean shot at cuz, friendship with W.R., head of the teen scene