Bunk 15

Roy Goldstein - an unrestricted view of his left eye and a home for George and an alarm clock to get him out of bed on time
Johnny Cohen - blank check to Lehigh University, a basketball that can't be stolen, and the results of color war - Grey victory
Sergio Feigenblatt - original 35mm print of the movie Hombre and his N.Y. Mets hat
Stuart Grau - full day of swim and boat

Bunk 16

Robert Perovich - one bottle of EEUUWW, 75 lbs. of aggression and a diet
Robert Lifman - broom and dustpan, baby bottle, 100 lbs. of respect
Jay Schwartz - 300 ways to not be a yenta, escalator to Julie and a permanently made bed
Ronald Tausher - Handbook on toilet flushing, gas-release mechanism
Steve Novick - curl free toothbrush and a divorce
Phil Jacofe - chain whip and motorcycle, sleeping pills and a Mike Strauss doll
Eric Selcov - book on how to make a bed, jar of pep pills
James Tepperberg - a girdle, a lesson on obedience, and an alarm clock

Bunk 17

Jeff Mutterperl - mail call, N.Y. Post, Sports Illustrated, 2 letters and a package
Mitch Horowitz - wildlife book, one kosher ham radio
Barry Mare - eagle division bunk, girls that are not pests
Robert Herman - defense, track shoes
Richard Berman - book of matches, counselor manual
Alan Slayer - model airplane, girlfriend that everyone likes
Mark Morgenstern - braces to confuse net years counselors and a brother that everyone likes
Peter Morgenstern - alibi for Julieo and a handsome brother
Gary Turk - Robin Hood costume
To the entire bunk - all the brooms in camp

Bunk 18

Neil Barkoff - Joe Willies shoes and ability and a girlfriend everyone not his elder
Barry Josephson - pair of Twiggys Addidas and one more summer at KSA
Barton Fish - life size pinup of Charlie Tuna
Steve Malin - an alarm clock and a punching bag
Steve Silverman - feminine looking girlfriend
Marvin Ramer - "Nobody do I trust" and the rest of building blocks from his kid sister (believe his girlfriend)
Steve Markoff - strat-o-matic, dating game and a catchers mask for his pajamas
Gordon Freeman - winner of the D.J. look alike contest

Bunk 19

Glen Roven - a job as cynic, cartoonist for Ranger Trails
Rich Preminger - a hoop league point for every word said and a sister for our counselors to talk about
Rich Debrusin - a breast to match his stroke a thousand questions for J & C
Steve Glanell - a senior trip to Merdl-EE roll along and a carrot topped snake