Bunk 11

The counselors of Bunk 11 being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath the following divisions of our state.
Stuart Schulman - a floor for his clothing, and a rag to wipe the chocolate stains
Steven Weinstein - carton of breakage glue, ring dings yodels all others and a silencer for his snoring
Andy Berger - creepers and crawlers, worlds title for consecutive days without a shower
Arthur Nahan - Washington Senators and hallucinatory drugs so he will never have to face the reality of last place
Gary Gottdiener - effigy of a counselor to whom he can talk back, also the question why?
Dave Baratz - invulnerable force field to protect his hat, and comic books unlimited
Mike Raab - cropsy legend and the Macy warehouse for his accumulated food stuffs

Bunk 12

Paul Haskin - green eyes, girls, an allergy, his brother, socials and infirmary call
Mark - a wedgie, broom, letter home, package from Grandma
Ronald Turner - childrens camp, sea turtle, healthy appetite
Howard Rawitz - Ranger food, 31 lbs pistachio nuts, meeting under the bunk
Danny Wohlstadter - salami, yarmulke, Dr. Webers theatre
Neil Eichner - a curse, Harvey's old girls, a say once
Harvey Mutterperl - Hadley and Rhonda
Hadley Bressman - Harvey and a hit in the face and a tennis match

Bunk 13

Steve November - Richard Bezozo, and a reserved bed in the infirmary
Richard Bezozo - Steve November. bronze bust of Richard Bezozo
Louis Berkowitz - maid with a watermelon, a haircut
Bruce Saber - good sportsmanship award, a fight
Andrew Zinn - a book on the art of self-defense and a suit of armor
Gregg Weitzner - third base, pinch in the cheek and a 500 inning game
Andy Henry - exploding rocket, stuffed mouth and table manners
To the whole bunk - an automatic fly swatter and a door that stays closed. EBIWA?

Bunk 14

Wayne Roth - Geritol, electric wheelchair and a Charles Atlas body building set
Ed Berman - 2 free drinks at hanks and a subscription to playboy
Ed Sonderling - a "Duckey" by his bed
Brett Stern - an autographed color picture of Roy Goldstein, four darts
Brett Halper - one giant salami, chocolates to be eaten while reading 17 hockey magazines at one and some asphalt
Jerry Korman - an original copy of "I was a humble camper, or how I learned to love myself in one easy lesson"
Dave Sternberg - a giant cut-dner, toad and a tour of the Bronx Zoo
Terry Rindenow - Wayne Roth