Last Will and Testament

Bunk 6

Ben Lieberman - a dustpan with a six foot mouth
Samuel Howard - the leading part
Lane Frost - piggy back ride
Adam Frost - ten thousand baseball cards and a floor
Richie Dukas - seven packs each with: stationary, stamps, and pencils
Scott Gottdiener - "Jeam feeling good. Luv Scott."

Bunk 7

Ale Best - broom, dustpan, his cubbies, and a toothbrush
Mark Baraschick - his fists, straight hair, and punks
Michael Glickman - his vocabulary, fork, knife, and spoon and a good looking girlfriend
Marvin Adler - a bib, clean pair of shorts, clean shirt and a bar of soap
Bradley Weitzner - infirmary, a few more brothers, and a strong arm

Bunk 8

Mitchell Weitzner - enough turkey roll sandwiches for an entire year, aunt carol to make them.
Bruce Young - vacuum cleaner for under his bed and a maid to clean up everything else
Mark Cooper - an extra large bottle of mouthwash and an interpreter
Peter Levy - a straw to sip out soup without eating the noodles
Bobby Berger - one frenched bed and a truckload of maps and an automatically flushing toilet
Andy Geray - one can of smelly mussles
David Perfit - a girlfriend and a stronger handshake
Harlen Sonderling - a special congratulations on not having done anything stupid enough to be included in this will and testament

Bunk 9

Mark Klugman - biggest cheeks for a dude award, care package and a set of barbells
Dean Rubine - clean clothes and a canteen with a tight seal
David Cuttler - baseball cards and a "cuttley" teddy bear and a new set of braces
Peter Levington - Poper Peter, mail and a cubby-bed
Lenny Weinstein - a mood for every need, and a book on kickball
Elliot Schwartz - Don Schwartz, Apple Jack prohibition and Elliot Schwartz
David Druckman - good sport award
Howard Haber - complete silence award, David Druckman

Bunk 10

John Fabian - key to the arts and crafts shack and all the story telling ability in camp
Marc Eisen - the honor of consistently being "third" in the bunk
Jeff Schular - the entire backwall to hang his Cooperstown baseball bat and the entire floor to keep his clothes on
Robert Novie - a golden "ten" in inspection for his never ending energy during clean up and hiding spot no. 28
Scott frost - his bed his favorite spot during activities, the hockey puck for his famous goal