Alma Mater
Grey (Tune - In My Life)

As the leaves turn green to ember
There are times I lie down to think and recall
All the moments of my lifetime,
That I cherish- most and hold above all
But of all my fondest mem'ries
The ones that remain and linger on
Are the mem'ries of camp Ranger
The friendships that ne'er be gone.

(hum) As the months pass into years
and we go our own way and drift apart
The thoughts of summer ended,
warm the cold nights and bind our hearts
(sing) Tho our camping days will soon pass us
The moments we share shall long remain
For the love in our hearts for Camp Ranger
In our lives shall never change

Piano plays solo then second stanza is repeated. First four lines are hummed, the rest sung.

Fight Song
(Tune: Don't Rain On My Parade)

Don't tell me not to fight, you know we've got to,
With pow-er and with might, grey's surging on thru.
Our spirit won't be broke, till we win color war.
Grey Sorcerers - have power yet untested
Our spells will leave the - reach-ing red hope breathless
We'll daz-zle and a-maze, and win this color war.
Our drums are beating-
Hear our horns blare-
Our flags are flying-
Don't try to stop us-
There's no way you can make it- can't top us
Our speed and strength can take it.

Get read-y for us world cause we're a'winging.
We're gonn-a send the reaching red hope spinning
There's no way we can loose- we'll win this color war.

(loud) Grey's gonna win - and win big.
So reach-ing red hope move aside.

Good Luck