Senior Girls Inter-Camp Games

With memories of a clean sweep in last year's intercamp games, the Senior division plunged full force into the 1967 season. The first camp to challenge our athletic prowess was Camp Winston. Fifty-three senior girls traveled to Sackett Lake to compete and cheer the teams. Monday, July 17th proved Ranger's superiority on the volleyball and softball fields. The bus journeyed home with a 1-0 record in each sport.
Word of our victories reached Hancock, New York by the next morning. Much to our surprise, Camp Deerhead cancelled the first of two scheduled meetings. On July 26 Ranger girls traveled to Brookwood Teen Camp to face what we thought would be our toughest opponent. After a hot day of ball playing, Ranger left Glen Spey with a 1-0-1 record in Volleyball, 2-0 record in softball, and 8-0 record for tennis.
After many weeks of readying their teams for the Ranger fields, Camp Deerhead arrived July 31st with great expectations. Ranger's all encompassing teams smashed them! After a sweeping victory, Ranger's record went up another notch.
It took one month to eliminate all camps in competition. The month of August was filled with cancellations and Color Week so the 1967 Intercamp season ended with a glowing record.

Softball 5 0 0
Volleyball 4 0 1
Tennis 12 0 0

It is with great pride the Senior Division Counselors leave this empirical record.

Shelia Harbet and Donna Sellinger

Inter Boys Sports

The inters this summer have taken part in both intercamp games, and intra camp activities. Every inter has had the opportunity to display his leadership in such activities as softball, newcombe, basketball, football, tennis and kickball. The inters have also shown their individual skills in arts and crafts, swimming, archery, water skiing, horseback riding and golf.
In intercamp games the softball team won 2 games, lost 1 game and tied 1. Led by pitcher (captain) Michael Teich and co-captain Robert Weinstein, the softball team, after losing the first intercamp game to Anawana came back to sweep the next two. The team, with the hitting and fielding of second baseman Bruce Saltz and first baseman Barry Washor, shortstop Arthur Kaplan, third baseman Steve Markoff, right fielder Glenn Halpern, CF Josh Frierd, LF Don Schwartz, and Catcher Steve Kaplan tied Camp Lokanda 5-5 and defeated Camp Deerhead 6-0. Only with the defensive play of substitute Scott Prefer were the diamond boys able to tie Camp Lokanda 5-5 in the last inning.
In basketball, led by Glenn Halpern, David Konigsberg, Mike Teich and Ricki Rutel, the team beat Deerhead 24-12, after sustaining a 28-26 loss to Anawana and a 24-18 defeat by Lokanda. The season was enjoyed by all.

Norm Schuman