Girl's Tennis

The tennis program on the girls' side was strongly assisted by the enthusiasm and positive attitude adopted by the Ranger girls. Practice, practice, and more practice mixed with a bit of instruction and motivated by the knowledge of the social advantages of tennis assisted an unprecedented number of girls in becoming tennis players.

Occupying the tennis and squash courts at all possible hours and gaining the maximum amount of instruction, the girls unofficially declared tennis the major sport on girls' side.

Not neglecting the advantage of starting tennis early, each bunk had at least two scheduled instructional periods of tennis. In addition, they all had the choice to play during rest hour, free plays, and optional periods.

Five major tournaments were held and proved to be very successful. The Ranger Cup and the Ladder Tournament included 64 participants. The co-ed tennis tournament consisted of three divisions grouped on the basis of age; this eliminated the possibility of an unfair match. And the invitational tournament is a playoff which is to reveal the best players on the girls side; the girls who have worked the hardest, or who are the best players are invited to participate.

Once again Ranger proved to be the strongest camp in the area of inter-camp tennis. Les jeunes femmes of Camp Ranger did not lose one set in matches with other camps. In addition, at the Glen Spey Invitational, which involved eight camps, Ranger won three out of the six trophies.

In summary, tennis experienced a very successful season which was strongly due to the girls' attitudes. I hope that the increased emphasis upon tennis continues into the future.

Joe Fine

Ranger Square Garden

On July 28, 1967, Ranger Square Garden held its annual boxing matches. As usual, they were all exciting, from the youngest group to the oldest, with Arnie Pinsky adding a comical sidelight as the referee. The evening was highlighted by the Evan Tobin-Eric Seiser match. Both men exchanged a barrage of punches, but the final decision had to be a draw. The other bout in the senior division was between Neil Ackerman and Scott Fishoff. This fight went 10 seconds, with Scott winning by a T.K.O. Other fights took place between Bradley Glazer and Paul Haskin, ending in a draw, Jon Goldstein nosing out Joel Schuman, and Richie Cohen mauling Stu Bursteiner. Keith Goldschmidt, D. Weitzner, Andy Sander, and Daniel Jacobs all displayed fine form and courage in their fights.

The crowd was well pleased with all of the matches, and cheered each fight heartily. Paul Perlstein and the other judges did an excellent job, and once again it was another successful night at Ranger Square Garden.

Bob Mait

Boxing Gloves