Ham Radio

Amateur radio is the media by which interested people may converse with others around the world. It is a wonderful, educational hobby.
At Camp Ranger, our program is designed to help interested campers to prepare for their license examinations. Ham radio is the key to world communication. The right kind of equipment can transmit anywhere. It leads to "Rag Chews", long conversations between hams. These are at times known to last many days.
Outstanding campers in the field of Amateur Radio are scott Fishoff, Steve Kaplan, Evan Tobin, Harlan Kosson, Gary Horowitz, Eric Seiser and Daniel Turner.
In addition to learning radio principles and Morse code, these boys helped set up and operate the Camp Ranger Radio Station.

Lenny Zavodnick WA2UMZ


"Come one come all, to the Greatest Show on Earth!" Cries of excitement fill the air, as Ranger boys create a festive atmosphere at the annual carnival.
Given for the benefit of U.J.A., the Ranger carnival was, as always, a huge success. As an introduction to the entertainment, a group of young daredevils performed a tumbling act. This display placed an air of ecstasy over the spectators.
Many new attractions were added to this year's carnival. There were such features as the Marriage & Divorce Booth, Douse the Louse, Casino Dart Poker, and many others.
A highlight of the carnival was the show-stopping performance of the "Frisbies," a group of talented boys and girls provided some entertainment by singing many popular tunes for the purpose of raising money for U.J.A.
Among the many booths was a very unique and original one. A young boy was doing caricatures of various people. They were allowed to make a request for the type of attitude worn in the picture. The results were quite amusing.
At the end of the carnival, the recipients of the prize-winning tickets given at each booth were permitted to choose from an assortment of various games and puzzles.
As a grand finale to the exciting festival, hot dogs and punch were provided for everyone who attended the fair.
All in all, it was a very thrilling and fascinating day. I'm sure it will be remembered by all.

Wendy Rosen