Arts and Crafts

GirlsAs my first experience as an arts & crafts counselor comes to an end, I think of the many new things which I have learned during the summer. Many types of children come into the shop for arts & crafts and each has equal opportunity to express their own individual ideas and feelings. It is up to the child to make the best of what is offered to her in the way of materials and guidance.

The available materials range from leaves and acorn tops to basket reeds and soldering guns. I was very pleased with the results of the summer. They created many beautiful, interesting and unusual projects. Some of the more unique ones were the pot-bellied paper-mache banks, homemade fossils, acorn top finks, wire sculpture, and stationary made with cut linoleum blocks or leaf impressions. We can't forget, of course, the hotplates, ceramic sculpture and ashtrays, paintings, soap carving, copper enameled jewelry, and lanyard-rings, necklaces, and mattababies, baskets (with an added attraction this year-flower power!), gravelpaintings, felt bookmarks, pot holders, tissue paper collages, and many other interesting creations.

The Ranger girls expressed their ability in arts & crafts with great success this summer.

As the A. & C. counselor, I found this experience a very beneficial and rewarding one, and I hope that my campers have benefited as much from me as I have from them.

Adele A. & C.

BoysBy taking part in the arts and crafts program at Ranger this summer, the campers have learned many new skills. At the same time, they have greatly expanded their creative abilities. Each camper has experimented within a great range of artistic media.
In the shop itself, the camper has had the freedom to choose from a great number of projects. After making the choice, the camper works independently, and at his own pace.
Many of our campers have fashioned fine ceramic molds. The skills involved in this process were formulated centuries ago in ancient Egypt. each camper has learned the entire process. Starting with refining and pouring of clay (which is mined in our own lake) and ending with the firing of the piece in the kiln, which fires at over 1500 degrees.
Other campers have made wooden cabinets, book-ends, shoe shine kits, and wooden plaques. In the fine arts phase of carpentry, many exciting wooden sculptures have been turned on in our shop.
Also on the fine arts side, many campers have erected lovely paintings and drawings. Still other campers have explored everything from charcoal drawing, and fingerpainting, to water colors, oil paintings, and collages.
In addition to having an enjoyable summer at camp, the campers will be coming home with new, invaluable skills, and many lovely objects.

Lou White