Boys Waterfront

To we too virle types at the waterfront, its been a real pleasure watching your Pavlovian response of abject silence to our few buddy calls. We've enjoyed your hearty echoing of our new famous cry of "all boats in!" We've reveled in your enthusiastic response to our early morning swimming classes when the water was nice and cool. We would like to express our appreciation to Boy's camp, for making their waterfront their favorite and most beautiful activity.
By the end of the year the vast majority of the camp had become sharks (deep water swimmers) and Whales (intermediate depth), while the Perch (shallow water) developed their beginner skills beautifully.
Boy's camp has demonstrated its swimming skills and spirit in many aspects of waterfront activity particularly in several swimming and boating meets they enjoyed both before and during Color War. Sportsmanship and fervent desire to win for their teams made our meets memorable ones.
Our boys participated in all aspects of row boating, canoeing, surf boarding and sailing. Manny Bloom, our able and intrepid sailing counselor developed fine talents in such dedicated sailors as Popeye Keith Goldschmidt, David Konigsberg, Evan Tobin, Lon Kirschner, Marshall Schlossberg, David Drimmer, Cary Trestyn, and many, many others.
The waterfront was open almost every single day for the comical counselor swims, (General counselors can't really swim, of course) and for the two courses most dear to our hearts, junior and senior life saving. The final results of those boys who passed life saving will not be ready in time for publication, but we would like to point out that only three boys have stuck it out to the end and in SLS, (Manny Bloom, Bob Douglas, and Roy Ackerman) and only seven in JLS, out of the original 21. (Mike Safran, Harlan Kosson, Scott Fishoff, Joseph Turner, Evan Tobin, Joel Adler and Eric Seiser.) These boys deserve a great deal of credit for the many hours of hard work they put into their courses both in and out of the water.
The following is a list of those boys who have already passed their Red Cross tests this year. To these boys, and all of camp Ranger,we wish to once again say, "Thank-you," for a wonderful and rewarding summer.

Mike Wexler and Joel Gross

OK...everyone out of the pool, er lake!!