Girls Waterfront

What did the summer bring to the girls waterfront at Ranger, besides the rain, the cold, and the ten feet waves from the motorboat? It brought quite a lot of hard work and quite a lot of fun. Those first days were hectic. The half-lake swimmers were very puzzled when they found themselves scraping against the far shore of Silver Lake. The girls who remained in shallow water...we think that they were just having too much fun to leave. A good number, however, did leave, and ventured into the intermediate area. What of our deep water swimmers? Some have actually their footprints into "the rock". Others, who were more hearty souls, swam all the way to the raft.

Although we would have liked to see more of the CITS, everyone worked diligently on the various courses offered this summer. These girls who specialized in Junior and Senior Lifesaving and Survival Swimming worked long and hard, and have acquired the vital knowledge that is necessary to maintain one's own personal safety, as well as the safety of others, in and about the water.

How can we forget the time we promised one-hundred and twenty-six girls surfs with only six surfs available? What could we do? The only logical thing, send twenty-one girls out on each surf!

What ever happened to last year's Skippers? It took a long time for them to don their caps and set forth on our mighty lake. They did finally come, and the thrill of sailing was theirs alone. The thrill of crashing into Hillel's deck; the thrill of capsizing ten times in ten minutes; the thrill of a faulty knot and the sail that came tumbling down; and the thrill of returning to Ranger - well almost! These mishaps were few and far between, and the sailing WAS exciting.

"Bow rudder, cross-bow rudder, reverse sweep". Some girls will never forget the meaning of these terms. The senior canoeists did an excellent job, both on calm Silver lake, and on the treacherous rapids of the Delaware.

Silver Lake was not only a lake, it served as a bathtub as well. Countless times we heard cries of "Howie, Steve, can we pulesse wash our hair in the lake?"

For the next season we promise bigger and better inner tubes. This summers tubes are well worn. Besides bathing suits, many discovered that taking a dip while fully clothed was an enjoyable change. Even rain did not stop some of our swimmers. Swimming was not confined to daytime alone. Some of the evenings were enhanced with after dinner canoeing and coed splash parties.

Safety was our guide, -aquatic proficiency and fun our objectives. Together they made for a very enjoyable, productive, and regarding summer. To our Ranger ladies we wish you a healthy and happy winter. See you next year!

Howie & Steve