From Irwin

Dear Campers,

As I am writing this, it hardly seems possible that eight weeks have passed. Time never goes faster than during the summer in camp. I have many very special memories of 1967. I recall the Niagara trips, Howe Caverns, Watkins Glen, canoe trips, and Museum Village. The many exciting athletic games and the special events. All these help to make the season something special in the memory book.
All these things are very fine, but I hope that every camper takes home a little more than memories. I have tried all season to impress on everyone the importance of the "Pursuit of Excellence." Do not give up the chase. May your reach always exceed your grasp.
To all campers, the counselor staff, the directors, and the maintenance crew, "Many Thanks."

See you all in '68,

From Arnie

Dear Campers,
Once again it is with deep regret that I see another Ranger season come to a close. It has again been a healthy and happy season.
I am quite sure that most of you will remember many of the fine times we had this year. Meeting new friends, and living with them for eight weeks is one of the most important rewards of camp. It is so wonderful to share experiences with friends. It is my sincere wish that you have learned how to be a better person through these experiences, and that you take home with you many valuable memories.
It was a great thrill for me to once again work with Jerry Lorber, Jerry Turner, Aunt Ruth and Aunt carole. I owe a special thanks to my group leaders and staff for all they did.
Once again we shall lower the flag for the last time, and send out the candles to close a truly wonderful season.

Hoping to see you soon


From Ruth

Dear Campers,
It's never good-bye when a summer camp ends,
You just inventory your good times and friends,
And store them away in your memory marked "keep",
Then, through a long winter what pleasure you reap -
We have shared the weather, we have played side by side,
And friends who have camped together can never again divide.
Camp is a chapter in the Book of Life
Rich with the real wonder of human relationships.
We have tried to make our camp the finest place to live in, to grow in, to learn to give of oneself and to know the true value of people.
My hope for each of my Ranger girls is that this summer has given you something of real value for the rest of your life. God bless you and keep you well and happy "Till we meet again".

With love