Boys Tennis

In spite of one of the rainiest seasons in Ranger history, the tennis courts were very busy this summer, with tough, competitive play. A great number of boys made fine improvement and I think them worthy of mention. In the Junior division Richie Cohen showed himself to be an excellent student. For the inters Mike Teich developed a powerful forehand, making him the outstanding player in his division. Mike, who won the Inter ladder tournament was given stiff competition by Bruce Saltz, another fine player. Three other Intermediate campers deserve to be mentioned for their vast improvement in tennis: David Konigsberg, Wayne Kurzner, and Mike Foreman.

Scott Fishoff pulled a surprise upset over Stu Weisman in the ladder tournament for bunks 13, 14 and 15. Both Stu and Scott improved their games greatly through the course of the tournament. In the ladder tournament for bunks 16, 17 and 18, Dan Goodman and Mike Safran battled it out down to the very last day, with Mike finally taking the title.

The last tournament was won by Steven Brooks. Steve, Ranger's top netman, defeated Kenny Marek 6-0, and 6-2, to win the competition. Carl Atkins must be mentioned as someone who came to camp a non-player and was able, through hard work, to become a very fine player.
On August 6th, Bob Olshever, Alan Satloff, Ken Marek and Eddie Kagan traveled to Camp Brookwood to play in a tournament against seven other camps. Unfortunately the boys were hampered by poor weather the night before the competition. In spite of this, they made an excellent showing.

At the present time, Ranger Cup play is just starting and there are no results available. In conclusion, I would like to congratulate all those campers who showed good sportsmanship and competitive spirit on the Ranger tennis courts this summer.

Jim Wexler

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