Athletics Senior

The 1967 camping season was marked by many achievements and outstanding contributions to sportsmanship, friendships, and rewarding experiences. The Junior division at camp Ranger, made up of bunks 6, 7, 8, and 9, played an important role in these successes.
In inter-camp competition, the Juniors, sparked by Richard Cohen, Jeff Mutterperl, and Ronnie Kurzweil, led their teams to victories in Newcombe and Kickball. Associated with these victories were Paul Haskin, Roy Goldstein, Richard Berman and Tod Foster.
In camp activities many new skills were acquired by several boys. Outstanding in swimming and sailing were Joel Schuman, Stuart Burstiner, Jon Goldstein, Ronnie Turner and Lon Kirschner.
Horseback riding, another camp activity was led by Larry Salpeter, Barry Marek, Gregg Weitzner and Jordan Klar.
On campus, kickball became an activity which the Junior campers played with a great deal of vigor. Leading this activity were Brian Glazer, Harvey Mutterperl, Cliff Goldschmidt, Neil Kessler, Steve Karmel and Robert Macy.
The youngest bunk of the Junior group, regardless of their age, showed enthusiasm for activities and new found skill. Such members as Len Weinstein, Brad Weitzner, Steve Klar, Mitch Weitzner and Dean Rubine, gained a higher regard for athletics and tough competition. The Junior division, as noted above, varied greatly as to skills and achievement but the one aspect that developed a common bond for all of them, was spending a highly enjoyable summer at Ranger '67.

Howie Rattner


This year, as every year at ranger, the seniors participated in a wide variety of activities. These activities varied from inter-camp games to normal intra-camp activities. Among the sports that were enjoyed by all were archery, basketball, baseball, golf, hockey, riflery, soccer, swimming, boating, tennis, trampoline, and waterskiing.
Ranger participated in inter-camp games against such opponents as Anawana, Deerhead, and Laconda. Each camp played a home and away series. As usual Ranger came out on top as evidenced by our fine overall record.
Our volleyball team, consisting of E. Tobin, M. Zapp, M. Rindenow, L. Jacobs, M. Gutterson, R. Marmel, B. Loftman, J. Haber, and R. Bengloff enjoyed a fine 5-1 record. The softball team (A) composed of such seniors as J. Soshnick, S. Brooks, R. Safran, H. Cohen, R. Epstein, and D. Turner, swept all six of their competitions. The Ranger basketball team established an outstanding .500 record against tough competition. The B softball team, which was very successful, consisted of N. Friedman, N. Foster, E. Kalick, B. Halpern, J. Adler, M. Weisbrot, E. Seiser, and M. Stillman.
As always, the seniors at ranger fulfilled the standard of fine play and sportsmanship for which our camp is noted.

Stu Levine