Last Will and Testament Girls


Judy Cherashore - a period off
Joanne Cohen - her own bed in the infirmary
Janie Linderman - a Florida Rat, a Pennsylvania Sky, and White Lake Elroy
Marcy Guberman - a Florida tan
Mary Rosenbaum - to have it, be "up, up and away"
Jacki Seiser - a nice word
Cheryl Silverman - her own plane to fly from Syracuse to Akron
Debbie Olshever - a decision - finally!
Maddy Santner - special permission to enter the CIT bunk and a date with an experienced group leader
B.I. Dorin - sleep all day with a topless electric blanket
Carol King - a blind date that works out
Dinah Steele - a fast boat to Chipenaw
Geri Wall - a job as A.C. counselor next year
Barbara Rosenblatt - a masculine man
Jacki Drimmer - a kiss from the Boys' Red General
Roz Brill - the same bunk next year
Marcy Cohen - an engagement ring
Ronnie Berkowitz - a single room on the next Niagara trip
Babs Maged - the Kutsher's lifeguard
Shelia Harbet - groupleader of the INTERS
Rae Lazar - a padded bra
Donna Sellinger - a waterfront job
Sandy Harbet - a ten-year contract to work at Ranger
Corinne Kief - sophisticated date with a real Ranger boy
Adele Fass - A CIT bunk filled with 19 year olds
Blanche Klausner - another daughter for the GREY team; her little kiddies
Dolores Haskin - "when she was 17, it was a very good year" but nor for hula hoops, bell bottoms, ....
Aunt Ruth - a beautiful Ranger Girl
Vivian Gilbert - a "Fox" hunt

All of Us!