Last Will Continued CITsThe Courage Tree


Bonnie Cohen - a Rose-in her heart; wired for sound; two little brothers; CIaire and Irving
Chesna Cohen - words of wisdom? a mouth full of Steele, and once there were Greene fields; MARMELade; Goo-goo and Har-Har-Har
Debbie Ludsin - "Glamour," "Mademoiselle," "Vogue," "Seventeen," "Bazaar;" Grandma Titzel; Twiggies; Herties; Sonja and Sam
Lois Marks - Vic Tanny for her ear lobes; Bob and Beverly
Arlene Putterman - to the most "perfect" example of a CIT; H.B. & H.B. equals "J. & B."; a most hard working, profitable, enjoyable, and worthwhile summer; Ceil and Milt
Wendy Rosen - "Brooklyn or Bust?" Le Canned Hair; Flo and Al
Marsha Rothblum - another summer and she still has "Confidence"; Mark of everlasting...; a song for every sentence; Irwin and Shirley
Beth Salomon - a Taylor that keeps her in stitches; a New-man and a Shield that lingers on; Flo and Arthur
To our fantastic bunk: a "CIT-in"; "We'd CIT 1 Birdrather fight than switch"; a night at Diaco's; a later curfew; SEX - Herbie and Paul; a hidden TV; what really happened in Montreal?; trees, rocks, roosters - what next? (c.o.w.); trips to Ma-ho-ge; TV guide; CIT 1 in another location OR "is there a place for us?" and last, but not least - FRIENDS FOREVER!

CIT 2Love Mark & Joe

Ricki Cohen - a letter from Sam and a permanent one-way ticket from the infirmary
Rita Delgado - the "Fugitive"; Samantha; and "just one more minute"
Linda Dobrusin - a 24 hour night and a welcomed visitor
Elaine Epstein - an unbreakable mirror and an "Eppy-laugh"
Sue Falk - a star baseball player made of Steele and an expectant
Terri Hoffman - a "Friend" and an athletic aid
Donna Litman - "Metrecal" and a New York accent
Sue Satloff - Bunk 8 and red licorice
Ronnee Weinstein - another Kissin' "Cousin" and a super-dooper-extra large hair dryer hood
Vivian Zelig - a wired head and a VARIETY pack
To the bunk: "A FAIR DEAL"