Last Will Continued Girls

Bunk 19a

Marcia Kaplan - Baby talk and an older boyfriend
Marla Schaffer - a boy back home, but she wouldn't mind a senior star
Ann Tannenblatt - activities that she likes to do when she likes to do them; a witch doctor to cure her illnesses
Debbie Berey - talking in her sleep; a tuna substitute

Bunk 20

Phyllis Cohen - toes that don't twinkle
Sheila Epstein - an automatic trash disposal unit
Matti Fagin - a free hour a day so she can think of other people
Charlotte Feigenbaum - a sleep-well Beauty-rest Postropedic Mattress so she won't get yelled at on visiting day
Gail C. Grossman - two lovers
Gailzy Grossman - an automatic arm-pit cleaner so she doesn't have to do it herself
Beth Lippy - an invitation to Spring weekend at the University of Pennsylvania
Joan Picon - a "sassy" new hair "cut" that Aunt Ruth will like
Ci-Ci Shuckman - another answer besides "NO!"
Barbara Weiner - hair that will never friz again and a laugh that isn't twice as bad as "CBS's"

To the whole bunk: we leave a sleep out in the pio area with Romany Gruen

Archery anyone?