Girl's Last Will Continued

Bunk 16

Renay Boll - an entry into a pro tennis tournament at the age of 16
Jill Braunstein - a talent show every week and a leading role
Debby Goldberg - a pair of dancing slippers and more meditative words
Steffie Kirschner - her own Arts & Crafts shop to take home with her
Judy Redler - her brother's service all the time
Leslie Schaler - a ready glass of water for her; less baby talk; her own dry tennis racket
Robin Solomon - visitors every week - would you believe every day?
Donna Weinstein - a sit-in at the infirmary
To the bunk: lasting years of friendship

Bunk 17

Sherry - a ten-fifteen private fence
Mindy - a world full of troubles
Andrea - any male on four legs that walks
Melanie - the senior B.O.B. award of the year
Karen - loving care
Susan - "I'm not flirting, I'm just being friendly!"
Joan - surf board wax
Marilyn - "A trip to French"
Jackie - a clokamore bird

Bunk 18

Dee Rosenzweig - genuine bull horns and a blue flowered top to match her shorts
Lisa Friedland - a Kamhi-o ring; a waiter that doesn't talk back
Ellen Teich - a one way tickets to Roslyn; an evening all alone with Paul Newman; a formal invitation to the prom six weeks later
Dara Rosenblatt - a date to the prom with THE Rooster; an almost complete summer romance; a mature looking room; the adult version of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary
Patti Auerbach - a can of freckle remover; a hearing aid

Bunk 19

Renee - an activity she likes besides sleep
Patti - a few more questions, a few more boys, a few more clips, WHAT???
Roberta - a wardrobe that fits
Laurie - a book entitled "Boys and Table Manners"
Jill - a true love and P.B.T.
Deanna - "Perfect Camper of the Year" award
Jane - a long-playing record of..."O-o-o Brooksie baby"

Gather round the flagpole