Last Will Continued Girls

Bunk 11

Temi Kaplan - the intermediate area and a buddy
Jane Gottdiener - ReTurner to the tether ball court
Kathy Isaacs - straight teeth and a weekend home to a wedding
Amy Pellenberg - an extra dessert from Alan
Bette Sussman - the "Ranger Cup" or any other award
Linda Frietag - a smile and a beach ball
Susan Fiegenbaum - track shoes and time
Ginger Berman - a hair brush and a job during clean-up

Bunk 12

Lillian Tuchman - a key to turn her talking off and her speed on
Michelle Yohanan - an interesting adventure at a bowling alley
Susan Goldstein - a bed that counselors won't sit on
Marla Konigsberg - a safe place for her guinea pig dur- rain
Ilene Goldstein - 1,000,000 silver clips and a long playing record of "NO"
Andrea Kessler - reservation for first in line at the infirmary
Gail Kenowitz - a mini-bench and a part in next year's play
Sheri Mait - a year's supply of SCOTT towels and her own conversation
To our bunk: a meal without spilling

Bunk 14

Arleen Kean - a private detective
Marsha Beer - a private babysitter
Nancy Matthews - her own private life guard
Randi Garret - the last word of every conversation
Margie Zirin - 1st 2nds for the rest of her life
Robin Kahn - one full summer of no swim and no activity
Natalie Karmel - the Emily Post Book of Etiquette for Camp
Marion Presser - a lazy day when she's the last one up

Bunk 15

Eileen Sandler - a Still-man and her own tether ball
Jan Mallis - long bangs and a year's supply of scotch tape
Laurie Douglas - tights, pants and brother Bob
Joan Grossman - MARMELade and a date with Bruce
Doreen Heller - Raviolli and a recording of "Who's Joel Adler?"
Doretta Alalouf - a messy cubby and a Foster child
Nancy Weiss - a part in "Peter Pan" so she can wear her red shoes
To the bunk: Buckwheat & Mammoth '67

Tether Ball