Last Will and Testament Girls

Bunk 6

Cara - a missing tooth
Randy - a part in "The Girl From U.N.C.L.E."
Jody - another toy to play with
Margie - a stomach ache at breakfast
Ellen - a walk at midnight with her counselors
Mona - another swim test
Debby - another loose tooth
Joanna - a stuffed animal

Bunk 7

Allison Eisenberg - a whisper
Stacey Stern - a pony puff
Lynn Koslow - a nok-hockey board of her own
Lynn Epstein - name tapes
Eve Shaw - a stuffed animal to sleep with
Ellen Berkowitz - a new white head band
Harley Klein - a larger jellyroll to hide things in

Bunk 8

Wendy Kalen - her name in lights; a 4-leaf clover
Ronnie Stern - an electric broom
Jill Gutterson - something to complain about
Jean Weiss - a 10-foot mirror
Maddie Kosson - a bed that someone can sit on
Donna Benjamin - a leader of the pack; love letters
Maxine Boll - straight bangs or 1000 clips

Bunk 9

Lynn Friedman - personal maid service
Beth Randell - a frog named SIurp that will turn into a prince
Michelle Berman - straight hair
Terry Epstein - Mrs. Cohen, Tel Aviv
Beth Klugman - a future on Broadway
Mindy Lang - hardware that won't fall out
Janet Hering - unbreakable glasses and a reserved 1st place on line at the infirmary
June Eisenberg - nominated as chief diet consultant

Bunk 10

Michelle Mass - full day of complete cleanliness; a house in the woods
Debbie Shapiro - a little skin on her bones to go with her new hair style
Amy Calmenson - a voice that doesn't whine
Patti Marek - a portable full-length mirror to take with her everywhere
Wendy Robbins - a stuffed animal that can actually carry on a conversation with her
Stacey Litman - a peaceful sleep and Ginger
Alice Shadrin - mail from friends; a playmate other than Bonnie
Bonnie Shadrin - a STIFF upper lip; a blue outfit

Two of 'em