Last Will Continued Boys


Dave Barash - unlimited curfew
Steve Lang - unchained Melanie
Richie Smallman - a date with a Miami Beach High student
Howie Becker - 7 CITS to go
Harold Kastenbaum - larynx transplant
Kenny Eisenstat - athlete's foot
Bob Delgado - Nomination for presidency of the U.S.
Bobby Jampol - Phoney proof and a little respect
Bob Lissau - a divorce
Jeff Rosen - a good looking deb-teen and matching ear lobes
Barry Citron - another advisor
Neil Litman - wine, women & ultra cool
Andy Steele - a new group leader
Sy Kirshenbaum - a little respect for Smokey the Bear
Joe Fine - an acknowledgement from H.M. & a socialites guide book



Jon Zeichner - some grey matta
Dan Zeichner - a specialty or 2 or 8
Howie Ratner - a new approach
Elliot Willman - I know nothing about him
Norm Schuman - a job as the replacement for the steel ball method of wrecking
Howie Marmel - a hearmony course at B.C.
Lenny Zavodnick - a wireless operator
Phil Doren - a book entitled "How to succeed with Crotins without really trying"
Steve Lipsky - B.M.? R.L.? no-S.L.
Stan Ratoff - a place in Florida with space...HEAD!
Stu Levine - the book, "How to make friends and influence people"
Howie Arick - a new hat with extra weight
Louie Schrier - a twi-light swim
Lew White - jewels
Mark Shangold - help, other, blonde, instrument
Joel Gross - wide tack wheels
Mike Wexler - a bottle of wine * a boathouse baby!

Who is that masked man??