Last Will Continued Waiters

Manny Bloom -

unsinkable sailfish, loud clothes, a punch at Douglas, Color War, 12 mouths

Steve Mait -

An endless summer with a GROSS girl, a sadistic personality, a punch at Douglas, a box of cherries from Florida

Barry Goldstein -

a continuous refillable beer glass, a new pair of dungarees, haircut, a year round teen tour, a punch at Douglas

Howie Bell -

a date at Expo, a basketball, stones, fresca, portrait of dicki, a punch at Douglas
Bob Douglas - Bob Gordan, a musical broom and dust pan, sleep way handbook, Boob! a briefing from Atlas
Bob Gordan - Gorgas, goner... livestock, toilet paper, a B.S. tape recording, haunted house, a free pass to Bellvue, a new car! Bob Douglas

To waiters III we leave atlas and a shield, a
new crop of females, A TREE!