Last Will Continued Boys

Bunk 16

Harlan Kosson - full professorship guaranteed at Yale upon graduation from grammar school
Bob Klein - the perfect hiding place for his food that even waiters can't find
Steve Sentner - soap
Jack Schnitt - we leave Jack Schnitt nothing because he either has everything or can get it
Dan Goodman - a bunch of bananas and a tree
Keith Hurzner - some ginger to spice up his life
Barry Lang - a bakery for his rolls
Mike Safran - we leave him...alone

Bunk 17

Elliot Kalick - a first baseman's mitt
Eric Seiser - a mute for his accordion
Joel Adler - voice lessons
Richie Bengloff - a tube of MANTAN
Mike Weisbrot - a years supply of bathing suits
Mark Stillman - Encyclopedia Britannica
Evan Tobin - an alarm clock
Bruce Halpern - a registered nurse

Bunk 18

Neil Friedman - a word to the Weiss
Neil Foster - a contract with the cream
Neil Lieblich - a camp for the performing arts
Micky Zapp - a soundproof room for his dreams
Marc Gutterson - the constant advice of a professional habidashier
Mike Rindenow - a base of balls
Lester Jacobs - Better table manners
John Habor - Boxing lessons
Ricky Marmel - Al Jolson records

Bunk 19

Jay Soshnick - a private basketball court
Danny Turner - a mimeograph machine
Robert Santner - monkey bars and rafters
Robert Safran - the waterfront
Gary Horowitz - a green lantern

Bunk 20

Steve Brooks - the king of the beasts
Carl Atkins - any beast
Billy Loftman - What a beast!!
Bob Epstein - "I'm gonna beat your aunt" and 3 years supply of pillowcases to catch all those tears
Kenny Marek - the "Boob" and less food to be stolen
Harvey Cohen - have bone will travel
Alan "Sandy" Kovacs - a beautiful evening sky, warm campfire, a canoe trip under the harvest moon and a box of girl scout cookies

Ping Pong