Last Wills Continued Boys

Bunk 12

Robert Weinstein - a girlfriend who will kiss him
Richie Dobruskin - a straight face
Wayne Kurzner - lie detector
Mike Furman - a pitcher of water too cool himself off
Donald Schwartz - a personal maid
Bruce Saltz - an automatic first place in everything
Ricky Rutel - a do it yourself body building kit

Bunk 13

Andy sander - a hi fi recording of Hubert's theory of Relativity to learn from
Dan Oresucs - a 50 l.p. earthquake maker for use in the dining hall
Peter Bytel - a pez dispenser in the shape of an L.A. hat
Dan Jacob - Part ownership in a Kool-aid factory
Gary Rothfeld - five free singing lessons and a membership in the Dana Lester Fan Club
Bobby Tannenbaum - a waterproof turban for the Sultan of Sweat
Larry Rosenzweig - a gold broom for sweeping on his days off and sleeping on his days on
Gary Trestyn - a double- barrel semi-automatic pea shooter with telescopic sight

Bunk 14

Scott Fishoff - a pretty mait
Howie Weitzner - some B-52's and B-17's
Stu Weisman - some NPKEO Photos
Mike martin - a broom to steal
Howie Pasternack - some sincere tears
Dave Drimmer - a sailboat & Gladys
Gary Golden - a runaway truck

Bunk 15

Bob Wexler - a crutch
Marc Gross - a jar of Molasses
Neil Ackerman - a blank baseball record book to be filled in at leisure
Jon Berg - some meat for his bones
Gary Ortenau - a part in a Disney cartoon
Gary Pasternack - a published story in "Fantastic Four"
Joe Turner - Neil Ackerman
Alan Strauss - his counselors clothes

Frog on a Lily Pad