Last Will and Testament Boys

Bunk 6

Dean Rubino - A Napkin
Mitch Weitzner - Peanut Butter
Steven Klar - A Wigley
Brad Weitzner - A superman's cape
Len Weinstein - A Kickball

Bunk 7

Ron Turner - mere potatoes and a turtle
Brad Glazer - baby talk & a new voice box
Paul Haskin - foot spray & a trip to girls camp
Barry Marek - Baseball cards & a back scratcher
Gregg Weitzner - A lifelong pass to the infirmary
Bobby Macy - A person to make a deal with
Harvey Mutterperl - A neat cubby & a ticket to Bunk 9

Bunk 8

Joel Schuman - All the candy in the world
Stu Burstiner - An island in the pacific
Roy Goldstein - Sherri Mait's wardrobe
Ronnie Kurzweil - A new cardinal cap
Neil Kessler - All the sugar daddies he can eat
Jordan Klar - Stevie Klar

Sun and Tree

Bunk 9

Jon Goldstein - an anatomy book
Lon Kirschner - a set of boxing gloves
Richy Cohen - an official national league umpire to officiate all games
Jeff Mutterperl - an all-star little league cap
Larry Salpeter - the infirmary
Tod Foster - a maid
Richard Berman - encyclopedia
Steve Karmel - a lily pad

Bunk 10

Mitch Macy - all the food in the world
Steve Kaplan - 1 genuine capsule with space suit
Josh Friend - the Pittsburgh Pirates
Glen Roven - a piano and a potato
Barry Washer - a wise crack
Mike Orenstein - a comb
Arthur Kaplan - Mary Ann & "Reveille Pew"
Richie Preminger - one of Otto's worries

Bunk 11

Michael Teich - Beth and a bat and ball
Scott Prefer - underwear, toothbrush and toothpaste
Glenn Halpern - a double bed and someone to sleep with
Steve Markoff - a towel and a broom
David Konigsberg - Pajamas and a year's supply of Desenex