Fight Song

The Grey northlands trembling in war
Resounding the Thunder of Thor
Onward we marched as the mountains saluted our valor
Flashing and crashing our hammers and swords were to conquer.

The trumpets call out men of grey
Rise up cry the drums, to the fray.
On through the night with the roaring and fury of Odin
Charge to the fore 'till the swords of the Red team are broken.

Grey Visigoths fly your colors on high
Light from our blades flashes forth down the pathways of glory

Fight Visigoths now that victory is nigh
Song from our hearts fill the halls with the Visigoth story

March on men of Grey through the din
Arise for we're destined to win
Grey banners fly while the sky overhead roars in thunder
Brave Visigoth hammers splitting the Red team asunder
(Visigoths) asunder (Visigoths) asunder sunder under Grey!!!

Alma Mater

Silver mists slowly rising o'er a lake still and fair
Golden flow'rs wave untroubled in the clear morning air
Red and Grey now awaken to the day anxiously
Dreams of friendships we have made never flee, never flee.

Though the cold snows of winter fall upon hardened ground
Just as always our thoughts stray to the love we have found
In our wand'ring we know that every thought leads to thee
We will ever have our hopes bet in thee, bet in thee

Our days here at Ranger swiftly fly away
Impressed in our mem'ries evermore to stay

Darkened skies streaked with starlight as the moon meet the dawn
Rolling fields bright with sunlight in the dew of the morn
All the friendships we've made here glow in fond memory
Dreams of Ranger we will keep eternally, eternally

Gentlemen: these songs are the keys to
our victory not only in the sing but in
color war

Boy's Grey Songs