Girl's Grey Songs

ALMA MATER: Tune- "Somewhere my Love" From "Dr. Zhivago"

Whispers of youth coming ablaze with light
Stars in the sky burning the summer night
Trees arched on high enveloping hope and love
Symbols of joy and beauty-from high above
Binding our lives and our dreams as one lingering friendships go on and on
Echoes we hear, remnants of days gone by
All through they years, memories of Ranger lie
Deep in our hearts, tender and warm and true
Friendships we've made, bringing us back to you

SPEECH- Humming in back ground

(Repeat last stanza at end of speech starting from "Echoes we hear..."

MARCH: Tune-"Shalom"

Covenant of Grey presents beloved biblical tales
The hardships that our people faced
Through centuries they have prevailed
From God's creation of the earth
To noble Jerusalem's fall
And even through the darkest hours
The chosen people stood tall-

Tune: Havainu Shalom Alechem

First came the great separation
Of earth and the heaven
Then came the steady flow of water
And then the day and night together gave us light
Trees bearing fruit were to follow
The children marched forth together
In God's own image man and woman
The 7th day was next which have the world a rest

Tune: "To life-lachiam"

In Eden the tree of knowledge
Was forbidden to Adam and Eve
Temptation was part the test
The serpent he did his best
To persuade Eve to sin
The arc was built by Noah
The world was engulfed by a flood
40 days past no doves returned
Then all the people learned
God's supremacy reigned
In Egypt Moses spoke to Pharaoh
Asking his for freedom
Threatening with destructive plagues
On Mt. Sinai ten commandments
Given to our people
Guiding them through every age

Tune: "Havainu Shalom Alechem"

And now we march forth so proudly,
For we are God's chosen people
Created by the hand of heaven,
and we will fight to uphold our