Girl's Red Songs

Tune: Yesterday

Ranger Camp, smiling faces if you care to look
All memories have filled a book
A volume called the Ranger Camp
Time has flown but the summer shows that we have grown
Sharing secrets of a vast unknown
As friendship melts a heart of stone
Why we have to go, there's a time for everything
But we'll keep the thoughts
That our camp can only bring
Standing high are the mountains
Clinging to the sky, as the sun appears a golden eye
Which warms the trees as it goes by
Hear the whistling winds
Bringing news of clouds of rain
But the times we've had will restore the sun again
Now we leave as the threads of time begin to weave
Making knots of awe and disbelief
That we will soon end what we've achieved
Yet we know when we see the burning candles glow
We'll return when summer melts the snow
O Ranger Camp we'll miss you so

Tune: Who Will Buy

History was made by the people
Who were strong enough to decide
That the world without greater knowledge
Would never satisfy mankind.
Men in search of fame and adventure
Through the many whirlpools of time
Home to us is where the wind carries
Their challenge beckons we must climb.
For Homer told a tale of travel
Ulysses sailing on the sea
A driving Odyssey that calls us
A heritage that's free.
Marching on to broader horizons
Singing of the conquests we've led
Scarlet banners waving above us
A spirit without rest.
A never ending quest, triumphant Odyssey of Red

Tune:"Food, glorious Food"
On travelers of old
The wide world will hear us
Courageous and bold victory is near us
Searching for a promised land, wandering on the sea
The Red never die, Red hear us cry
Red valiant and free, (cry) RED!