Girl's Color War

August 13 started out as an ordinary day----a counselor meeting while the camp was preparing for inspection. Suddenly the Ranger silence was broken by the sound of a fire engine siren. Racing across the campus was the Kauneonga Fire Department, opening Color Week for 1967.
After the entire camp gathered around the flagpole, the leaders and coordinators were announced. Leading Grey was Charlotte Feigenbaum acting as general with beth Lippy and Deanna Gould as lieutenants. The counselor coordinators were Corinne Kief and Janie Linderman. Phyllis Cohen headed the Red team as general. Her lieutenants were Ci-Ci Shuckman and Jane King. Ronnie Berkowitz and Dinah Steele served as counselor coordinators.

That evening the first main event was held----the Rope Burning. Grey had their fire lit and burning first, but red soon caught up. After both fires had collapsed a number of times, Red finally burned through the rope, taking the victory.

Various activities were held on Monday and the theme presentation occurred that evening. In front of both camps the Reds became known as "Red Odyssey" and the Greys as "Covenant of Grey".

The Red team won the presentation, but the following day, Grey compensated by taking all of the tennis matches.

Tuesday afternoon the traditional Apache Race was held. Approximately sixty girls from each team participated in this event. During the race, the lead changed hands many times, but the race ended in a very close finish with Red Odyssey placing first.

That night a truce was held. Both boys' and girls' camp relaxed by seeing a movie "Blindfold."

The Round Robin Softball Throw was the only activity held on Wednesday. Every member of both teams participated, receiving one chance to throw the ball. Red won this by scoring 21 runs to Grey's 17.

All during Color War both teams had been continually searching for a hidden hatchet. Each day suspense mounted, as more clues were added and the point value lessened. The hatchet was finally discovered after lunch by the Red team. It was hidden in the ground by the wall behind the wash house.

Wednesday night brought Color War to an end at the annual sing. Both teams sang well, but when the scores were later announced, Red Odyssey emerged victorious over Covenant of Grey, by only fourteen points.
We would like to thank both teams for their cooperation and participation making this one of the most spirited and suspenseful Color Wars in a long time. We would also like to remind you of the Ranger Creed. . .

"The important thing in competition is not winning, but taking part.

The essential thing in life is not conquering, but fighting well."

Charlotte Feigenbaum
Girl's Color WarPhyllis Cohen