Boy's Color War

Color War 1967 at Ranger was marked by consistently exciting and close competition between Red and Grey.
The classic battle broke on sunday morning August 13, when Irwin Tobin, atop a red fire engine, rode into boy's camp spurting water and dropping leaflets. Dan Zeichner and Mark Shangold were chosen as the respective generals of the Red and the Grey. After a color war line-up and lunch the second annual throwball game commenced. In this event, every member of each team had one chance to throw the ball for base hits. The outcome of the game was doubtful, until the end, when the grey managed to take the lead on the last batter. The highlight of the day occurred during the evening activity. At the annual rope-burning, Red won decisively, as a result of Grey's inability to maintain a steady fire. The tug of war capped the evening with massive displays of strength shown on both teams.
The first morning's activities proved that the competition was to be very keen throughout the struggle. A swim meet for the older boys, and basketball for the older boys, basketball for the waiters, gave most of the points to Red. The Juniors and Inters contributed much to their respective teams with spirit and talent as the scores were tied for their activities.

The afternoon events never let up as everyone prepared for the theme break and counselor volleyball game. The Red counselors won their game with a well-disciplined and controlled team. The theme of Grey, led by General Shangold, was a portrayal of the Visigoths marching to victory. The use of a sailfish and many campers gave the break a Cecil B. DeMille effect. The Red team gave Ranger food for thought as the Psychedelic Reds came from a prophet's dream and destroyed the approaching Grey army.
Grey, down by some 20 points began to win back some ground on Tuesday morning in the assorted activities. In the afternoon track meet the embattled force fought to a stalemate. In the Apache relay, fifty campers of all ages from each team performed different skills, from sewing tennis balls, to reciting the national anthem. These skills were performed in relay fashion, with points awarded to the team finishing first. In this manner they grey gained points.

Following the Tuesday night truce, athletic events resumed Wednesday morning. With the culmination of the waiter softball game, grey completed a near cleansweep and compiled an impressive 19 point lead. The remainder of Wednesday afternoon was spent rehearsing for the sing.

Entering the sing the grey retained a 12 point lead. The first competitive event in the sing was the plaque presentation. The Red plaque, constructed by Lewis White, truly reflects the psychedelic theme with bold but weird lettering and coloring. The Grey plaque triumphed 13-12.

In the March Song, the Grey tune, "Apache" defeated the Red "Virginian" melody 16-9. Grey also triumphed in the comic song 14-11, but lost in the Alma Mater (13-12) to Red's "Finlandia." In total, Grey defeated Red in the sing 54-46. Thus, Grey triumphed in color war by 14 points.

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