Bright and early on Tuesday, August 9th, boys from bunks nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 prepared for the trip to Howe Caverns. After packing their suitcases and cleaning up their bunks for inspection, they boarded the chartered bus.

We arrived at the motel, had a quick lunch, and then left for the Farmer's Museum. There we saw the old way of life. We returned to the motel for swim after which we climbed onto the bus and drove to the Red Sleigh for dinner. With our stomach filled, we headed for Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame, where we saw replicas of famous baseball players. That night we saw the movie "Robinson Crusoe U.S.N." We then crossed the street and went to a pizza place. We then ended our day of sight-seeing and went to bed.

The next day we rose early and went to the "Woodland Museum" There we saw wonderful sights of nature. The very last place we visited was Howe Caverns. Then we went on an elevator 16 stories below the ground. Our guide gave us a wonderful tour of the fascinating sights of the caverns. Then we boarded the bus and drove back to camp, ending a trip we all enjoyed very much.

Michael Weisbrot

Each year Camp Ranger has an Aqua Show. This type of show is quite difficult to put on. In a period of three days, however, our excellence waterfront staff, of both boy's and girl's camp, put together an H.M.S. Pinafore presentation.

Jane King started as Little Buttercup and Paul Zaris portrayed the Captain.

The participants worked very diligently and spent many hours in the water practicing synchronized swimming. Other campers worked on canoe skills.

Thelma Zeichner assisted our staff considerably. She and five girls demonstrated a water ballet entitled "A. Day in the Life of a Ranger Girl."

This ended our 1966 waterfront show.

Sue Klausner