This summer in the field a pioneering Ranger's junior division has led the camp in the love for the great outdoors.

The juniors have gone on numerous day hikes plus a couple of cookouts and have showed great promise as woodsman. The inters and lower senior divisions have gone on successful sleepouts highlighted by Evan Tobin's 24 hour stay up in the huge stay up marathon. Regretfully, due to the senior show, "Funny Girl" the picnic and color war, there was no time for the seniors to take part in sleepouts.

The itinerary of most sleepouts consisted of packing during rest hour, leaving for the campsite at 4 p.m., building the fire at 5 p.m., bedtime, and before we'd know it, it was reveille and time to pack and go back to the campus.

This program was designed to implant in each camper an appreciation of nature and an understanding of the hardships the pioneers were confronted with.

I hope all who participated in the above programs enjoyed them as much as I did supervising them.

Sy Kirshenbaum

The name "Ranger" has a long, proven history in the Armed Forces of our country. Whenever courage, daring, and excellence in marksmanship were required for America's defense, the Rangers were in the lead. The original group of sharpshooters, Rogers Rangers, introduced a commando type of fighting during the French and Indian War. Continuing in true tradition, Major Francis Marion, known as the " Swamp Fox", again proved the value of expert marksmanship during the Revolutionary War. The Rangers were revived during the 2nd World War by a man named Darby, and once again prove their value.

This summer, the Camp Ranger Rifleman had continued in this tradition of excellence in marksmanship by shooting targets for National Rifle Association Awards. Classifications of Pro -marksman (score: 20), Marksman (25), and Marksman 1st class (30) were achieved. The Rifleman were instructed in the prone, sitting, kneeling and standing positions.

The following people received NRA marksmanship awards this year:


John Haber
Maarc Gutterson
Mike Markoff
Neil Liebloch


Mike Weisbrot
Robert Safran
Steve Gordon
Mike Fishoff
Pete Cohen

Marksman 1st Class

Bruce Halpern
Elliot Kalick
Kenny Grossman
Cary Presser

Jerry Rackoff