At Camp Ranger the Waterfronts are probably the most important and most often visited spots around. It's easy to understand why since waterfront activities include not only swimming, but boating, canoeing, sailing, and surfing as well.

On boys waterfront this year campers participated in all phases of aqua activity. But, of course, swimming was the highlight of the season, and many boys showed tremendous improvement in the area. For example in the junior division, two boys passed their red cross swimmers test-Dave Konigsberg and Larry Jasse, and Mitch Macy, also of the juniors, became a red cross intermediate swimmer. Furthermore, there were quite a few boys to pass the advanced swimmer test-Bruce Halpern, Evan Tobin, Mike Rindenow, Billy Loftman Mike Fishoff, and Mike Safran. And, of course, a tribute should be paid to those boys who became junior and senior life savers this summer. However, those names could not be included here since testing for the life saving programs had not begun at the time of publication. Also, special mention must be made of Manny Bloom and Ronny Weinberg who helped so many boys this year become to first-rate sailors and canoers.

And there is one other group of swimmers who should not be forgotten in this paper-the mile swimmers. Sandy Kamhi became the first boy at Ranger to ever receive a 50 mile card. Furthermore, Evan Tobin completed 30 miles this summer, and was followed closely by Deith Kurzner and Barry Lang, who each received 20 mile cards. And last, but not least, are the two boys who swam 10 miles this summer-Mike Safran and Neil Lieblich.

Although we have made mention of some of the best swimming done at Ranger this year, this article would not be complete without a reminder of the 66 aqua show-"The H.M.S Pinafore". The water-play starred Sandy Kamhi as the heroic hero, and Pual Zaris as the Bumbling Captain. Of course, girls particiapted. And also starred in the show, and they did a refreshing bugle routine under the direction of Thelma Zeichner.

And, of course, we can not forget the most exciting event of the year-color war. Throughout foggy, drizzly, and cloudy days, every boy in camp competed in a swim meet. Many campers seemed to have been saving their strength all summer for this, and came through with powerful bursts of speed and energy. Not only was there swimming and sailing, but boating and canoeing as well. Every camper showed he could give his all when it was most necessary.

And now as another season closes we would like to take this opportunity to thank all campers for enabling us to have a most enjoyable summer. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Richie and Sam