Augmenting the usual American Red Cross swimming program, the girl's waterfront offered some extremely popular courses in both sailing and canoeing this year. The Senior division concentrated on the small craft aspect of the program while the other divisions calmly accepted their fate and braved the perils of 84 degree Silver Lake water.

Only four of the 128 girls in camp became lost somewhere on their way to deep water (i.e. in the crib). Next summer should find them all in the deep.

The Swim and Stay Fit Program was again popular, with many of the new girls participating.

The staff emphasized basic stroke techniques in order to develop smoother more efficient swimming.

Diving played a large part in the instructional program this year. We were highly pleased with the enthusiasm shown in this area.

Special credit goes to the entire Inter division for their dedicated efforts to take full advantage of our aquatic program. These girls have developed into competent swimmers, fully deserving the title "Inter-Mermaids '66'.

Despite a serios of traumatic and long introductory lectures, senior girls camored for time on the "Fish" in order to earn the honored title "S kipper". With God on our side, apple pie and motherhood notwithstanding we return all of our skippers safely home having introduced them to one of the world's most exciting sports.

A small but dedicated band of lifesavers plodded through the interminable intricacies of B and L lifesaving lectures. The girls responded to the tutorial nature of the course and emerged as competent lifesavers.

With safety our watchword, and self-discipline the key to achievement we feel the summer has been not only very productive but also highly rewarding.

To you, our Ranger ladies, this final salute: You are welcome aboard our ship any time.

Dan Brent
Rich Lieberman