The Seniors and office boys in a united effort started off the inter-camp game season by beating Camp Anawana 14-1 in softball, defeating them in volleyball, and losing in basketball. However in this losing cause Jon Raskin scored 36 points.

The next opponent of the Ranger Tigers was camp Kewanee. In basketball, lack of depth again showed its result in a close game, in which Rangr cost. Jon Raskin again scored in the 30's. The softball game was a real thriller and a last inning rally gave Kewanee the final edge. In volleyball our team again swept to victory under the capable leadership of Manny Bloom.

The next outing was against Camp Brookwood. It wasn't the brightest day for the Tigers. Basketball again was a losing cause. In softball a last inning attempt led Brookwood to a one run victory agains the Dodge Diamond boys. The volleyball team was upset in an especially close contest, in which there was a difference of only four points. The only bright spot of the day was the "B" volleyball team's swooping victory.

Throughout the year there were many outstanding players on all our teams. In "A" softball, coached excellently by Peter Dodge, there were such standouts as slugger Steve (Mickey) Grossman, Ed Kagan and Gary Stallback who displayed great sportsmanship and excellent talent.

In Basketball, coached by Bob Davis and Marshal Forman, such stars as sharpshooter Jon Raskin, Sandi Kamhi, Steve Lurie, Harvey Cohen, Richie Marks, Cary Prosser who exhibited courage and sportsmanship throughout the competition.

In Volleyball, Manny Bloom, Ronnie Weinberg, and Gilbert Pitkoff headed the victorious team. Other stars were Allen Satloff, Norm Savitt, Carl Atkins, and Ed Berkowitz.

I feel that all the boys had a very worthwhile experience this summer due to these competitions and were each given a chance to experience many situations which they will be facing in future years to come.

Bob Davis