The last production of the Ranger season was as always the counselor show. This year the performance was a narrative version of Camelot, with Joe Fine doing the narration. Camelot consisted of some six scenes, all tied together by the narrator. As Guenevere, Marilyn Cohen was soft spoken and lovely, while her voice was sweet and very pleasant to listen to. She sang two of the lovliest songs in the show of Camelot, "Where are the Simple Joys of Maidenhood", and "Before I Gaze into Your Eyes Again". Tom Wachtell played the part of King Arthur, who sings the famous "Camelot", and "I Wonder What the King is Doing Tonight." He certainly did an admirable job as he had many more lines and songs to learn than enyone else in the cast. His voice was clear and resonant and his acting was straight forward and understandable. The part of the famed Sir Lancelot was played by Dave Ellis. This part is highlighted by probably the most famous song from the show, "If Ever I Would Leave You." It was sung with great feeling and was received well by the audience. Lancelot also sung the Triumphant "C'est Moi", which came across loudly and with the majesty it was written to have. Finally comic relief of the show was provided by group leader Jeff Rosen, who played the part of the sneaky villian, Mordred. His slinking around stage and his song "These 7 Deadly Virtues" were both great sources of enjoyment for the audience.

Camelot was a very fitting end to the Ranger Playhouse season.


Lady Guenevere..Marilyn Cohen
King Arthur.....Tom Wachtell
Sir Lancelot....Dave Ellis
Mordred........Jeff Rosen
Merlin..........Bob Davis
Dinadan.........Phil Forman
Morgan LeFrey...Dotty Slotnick
Squire..........Ronnie Weinberg
Tom.............Manny Bloom
???.............Noreen Fishbein