The summer of 1966 proved to be very active athletically for the lower senior division. It featured a seasons long competition between the "Sharks" and "Jets" as well as a summer of games against other camps. In action between the Sharks and Jets, the Sharks featuring the pitching of Elliott Kaliech, the fielding of Don Haber, and the hitting of Mike Rindenow, Mike Markoff and Richie Bengloff, were generally successful in softball. While the Jets with Moises and Robert Tuchman and Bruce Halpern starring were the better Basketball team.

In the most exciting and well played game of the year, the Jets entered the last half of the final inning leading 7-1. However the Sharks, with important hits by Mickey Zapp, Mike Markoff and Richie Bergloff, called and tied the score 7-7 just as time ran out.

The highlights of the year, however, were the inter-camp games. In one week, three different camps were played and although Ranger was not always victorious, our athletic ability and good sportsmanship alwyas gained the respect of the opposing teams. One Monday Camp Anawana, one of the finest teams in the area visited Ranger. In one softball game Ranger lost 3-0 to a very strong team. The game was marked by beautiful fielding plays by Don Haber and Bruce Halpern.

Another Ranger team, lead by Marc Gutterson, Neil Foster, Michael Weisbrot and Neil Tieblich was also defeated.

The following day, we visited camp Keewanee, where, although the softball teams lost, the basketball team, with Robby Tuchman leading, the scoring was victorious.

To conclude the week, we visited Camp Brookwood where Bruce Halpern, Marc Gutterson, and Don Haber, played with the senior division while several other lower seniors combined with the inters to win easily the volly ball team, starring Bobby Chimbel, Evan Tobin, John Haber, Mark Mayerson, and Neil Friedman also won handily.

In the final inter-camp games of the year, Ranger traveled to Anawana for a rematch. This time combined with the inters again, the softball team lost a close game, eight to five. Kenny Grossman contributed several excellent fielding plays as did Don Haber, Elliot Kalick and Bruce Halpern.

The climax to the summer, as usual came during color war. The lower senior boys on both teams played ball as they themselves never knew they could, and showed that they could equal any other division in camp in courage and spirit.

Mike Ray