On the athletic courts of Camp Ranger, this summer tennis gained some prominence and aroused much interest. From the juniors through the waiters, there was play and competition. Participation took place during activity periods, option periods, and free play.

Various tournaments were also held during the summer. A single elimination tournament proved interesting. Outstanding play took place in all divisions. In the juniors, Michael Teich; in the inters Steve Lurie; and in the lower seniors Don Haber, were all racquet stars. IN the seniors, many showed their ability. Those especially demonstrating their prowess were Eddie Kagan, Steve Brooks, and Alan Satloff.

In co-ordination with girl's tennis, an innovation tournament took place at Ranger: co-ed tennis. This program aided the campers socially and aroused a good deal of interest with a fantastic response. Outstanding mixed doubles teams were placed in all three divisions or levels of ability.

Concluding the tennis season at Ranger was the "Ranger Cup". Including 48 boys, 12 teams of four boys each, the tournament began with a roar. Competition took place between two teams, with two singles and a doubles match being played. Prizes were awarded to the winning team.

In conclusin, I'd like to say that the tennis enthusiasm at Camp Ranger is at a wonderfully high level, and that in coming years Ranger Netmen will receive the chance for their tennis skills to rise, as the sport itself is also rising in popularity.