Fight Song Rebel Gray

From the hills, from the valleys, heed the call
Grey rise once more
We will fight victorious as we march on to win Color War.

On the fields cry the trumpets, to the fore banners will fly;
Ev'ry man will rally now: Grey Rebels will never say die.

Forging on and fearing no one, our foe before us will fall.
Rebels hold your heads up for glory
Unite, forever stand tall, tall, tall

From our hearts cries a valor that no sword can ever betray,
Honored men, we fought for thee, with our might,
in the right, Rebel Grey, Rebel Grey, Rebel Grey,
Rebel Grey, Rebel Grey, Rebel Grey,

Alma Mater

When leaves have all turned brown and yellow
No sound can be heard but the wind
And the autumn breeze brings back memories
Of our summer at Ranger Camp.

Recall the good times we enjoyed here
The friendships forever more
Remember each day the Red and the Grey
Stand united throughout Color War.

The sights and the sounds so familiar
Will echo and linger within
Our hearts and souls grow impatient
Waiting 'til summer begins

We'll gather again in the winter
Together once more we'll bring
Back the summer before, looking forward to more
Alma Mater, Camp Ranger we sing

This sheet is not to be shown to members of the opposition
and must be brought to every sing rehearsal. Do not destroy
it because there are none left after this.