Tune: Chorale theme from
Beethoven's 9th symphony

Caballeros all together striving for our victory
living, loving, fighting, dying to go down in history.
To uphold our class of men we'll live with honor
and we know shouting out our cry of glory we will
overcome our foe.
on the playing fields of battle spirit always on
our side
Rebels fighting always driving cannot stem the
crimson tide.
Banners streaming, voices screaming Johnny Rebs
their muskets dry
Caballeros live forever, our name will remain on high.
Thunder smashing, lightning crashing trembling earth
beneath our steeds.
Riding on to days of glory on the path to greater deeds
Wide horizons lay before us all the world will know
and see Red tem courage spirit valer none
can hold our victory

Tune: Unchained melody

Moonlit nights of summer we'll treasure oh so much
They'll not fad away
Camping days have lent us a world time cannot touch
The joys we have lived
The games we've play, the friends we've made
our thoughts engraved in us
Time is drawing nigh to depart to depart
Days are growing short; autumn near
Wintery days will pass leaves will drift snow will fall
Till the sun again greets us here
Scenic forests sparkling with freshly fallen dew
The grass shining green
The lake awaits the sun's embrass
Camp Ranger memories true.