TUNE:Birth of the Blues
There came a light, from the sky
Shining down on mankind
And they called it
The Generation of Grey

From a world of peace
Man came along
Changed it to sorrow
And the children there
Grew up in fear
'Fraid of tomorrow

But they held on to the light
As a guide through the night
And emerged as, the Generation of Grey.

II TUNE:I Enjoy Being a Girl
We are working for understanding
And a world where all men are free
With a hope that the world we're building
Will enjoy prosperity

With men who will lead us onward
L.B.J., J.F.K. And you
We are bound to the land of plenty where
The Greys come shining thru.

III TUNE:Birth of the Blues
So we have told toy the story
And showed you the way of
Great men - Generation of Grey

alma mater

tune: more
visions of pure skies which reveal the moon
glissoning jewels which show the dew-drenched dawn
dreams which arose with smoke of our campfires
friendships that glowed with ember's burning briers

spirit forever ringing
ranger we join in singing
living and watching mem'ries
ever keeping, never weak'ning

watching the red sun fade in mists of grey
youth turns to darkness, shadows cast away

camping is all of these
a key to life's mysteries
we cling to these mem'ies
red and grey

lots of thanks grey team