it was august 14. as a cream covered arnie mounts the bigining of red and grey '66.

following lunch, the girls assembled around the flagpole where the teams and their leaders were announced.

grey team leaders included wendy rosen as general, marcia rothblum and matte fagen as lieutenants and nina cohen and sue breitman as counselor co-ordinators.

linda tobin was the red team general, beth solomon and gail c. grossman were red lieutenants, and sharon gotlieb and phylis schwartz were the red team co-ordinators.

the first day started off with the red apaches leading by 60 points. but, the "generation of grey" was not to be discouraged. the next day, they fought to a commanding lead which was never relinquished.

one of the major events during the 3 days of color week was the apache relay race. there were about 40 individual events. it was a fight to the finish, but the reds came in a split second too late as the greys emerged victorious.

two more activities of equal importance were the rope burning and the round robin softball game. the rope burning was won by the grey team but the reds won the round robin softball by a landslide.

on the second night of color week the presentation was held. both teams presented their themes to the judges. to end color week both red and grey sang their hearts out in the traditional sing. it was a close finish with the greys winning the sing by a small margin of six points.

following the sing wach team gathered around the flagpole to find out the long awaited results. it was a close, but the generation of grey maintained their stronghold on the lead.

this color week would not have been possible without the help of each and every member of both the red and grey teams.

we would like to give our special thanks to everyone involved. we only hope that next year's teams and all the teams to follow will find color week to be just as rewarding as we found this one to be.

by wendy rosen and linda tobin