smack the "birthday cake" hit arnie's face and color war began. the boys hurried to the flagpole to find out which teams they were to represent. sam taube was chosen to general the grey team and peter dodge the red. serious competition began that evening with a camp-wide tug-of-war. unfortunately the day's event, an exciting throw ball game, was postponed because of rain. at the end of the evening grey was ahead by 20 points.

the next morning the teams went out to compete on the athletic fields of battle, with the red caballeros winning the swim meet by a wide margin. valient competition continues throughout wednesday, highlighted by the waiter football and baseball games, and the camp-wide track meet and apache relay. the red team proved overwhelming going into wednesday afternoon having amassed a lead of well over 100 points. however, the rebels sharply cut this lead in the exciting rope burning contest. while both teams anxiously looked on the firewood was collected and both fires began to burn brightly. the rebels fire under the direction of sy kirshenbaum was the first to burn through the rope. the red fire continued to lash at the rope, but failed to split the twine in two. at the end of the competition revels and caballeros retreated to practice for the ondoming moment of truth -- the sing.

first the plaques were presented. the red caballeros' presentation received instant attention. the plaque depicted a spanish caballero dancing the exciting flamenco with his beautiful partner. the rebel plaque symbolized the fighting spirit and comradship of the grey team. the spirit of the sing was shown well by the rebels exciting arrangement and presentation of their fight song, to the tune of "phantom brigade," and the caballeros' beautiful alma mater, to the tune of "unchained melody."

soon after the singing ceased both teams marched back to await the judge's decision. head judge arnie pinsky first announced the results of the sing: and exact split, fifty points awarded to each team. now the final score was given. in a tremendously hard fought competition, the red caballeros won color war with a total of 725 points to gray's 673.

both generals were extremely pleased with their team's performances. looking back on color war it can be said that both teams symbolized the caballeros' spirit and the rebel cause -- the desire to fight hard and the will to succeed. red and grey '66 will not soon be forgotten by all of us who were fortunate enough to participate.


pete dodge