The tennis program on girl's side was strongly assisted by the enthusiasm and positive attitude adopted by the Ranger girls. Practice, practice, and more practice mixed with a bit of instruction and motivated by the knowledge of the social advantages of tennis assisted an imprecedented number of girls in becoming tennis players.

Occupying the tennis and squash courts at all possible hours and gaining the maximum amount of instruction, the girls unofficially declared tennis the major sport on girls side.

Not neglecting the advantage of starting tennis early, each bunk had at least two scheduled instructional periods of tennis. In addition, they all had the choice to play during rest hours, free plays, and optional periods.

The three major tournaments were held and proved to be very successful. The Ranger cup included 64 participants. The co-ed tennis tournament consisted of three divisions grouped on the basis of age; this eliminated the possibility of an unfair match. And the invitational tournament is a playoff are which is to reveal the best players on girls side; the girls who have worked the hardest, or who are the best players are invited to participate.

Ranger proved to be the strongest camp in the area in inter--camp tennis. possessing a six to one record, the only loss was avenged as the girls trounced Brookwood four to 0. The debt Ranger girls owe to the tennis program was clearly illustrated by the fact that over 26 girls were able to play in inter-camp tennis.

In summary, tennis experienced a very successful season which was strongly due to the girls attitudes. I am happy to say that the popularity of tennis at all levels of age and ability, has finally been established at Camp Ranger.

Joe Fine